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introdution & philosophy


Heacox Associates Landscape Architects is a service-oriented design firm.  We emphasize "quality" and "responsible" design throughout our process.


We believe that foremost in importance is listening and understanding a client's requirements.  By implementing and continuing our process of communication, thoroughness and creative drive, from inception to implementation we achieve the client's desired results.


Heacox Associates is experienced in a wide variety of innovative projects with over 30 years of professional landscape experience.  Our involvement in parks and recreation, urban design, office and retail projects, residential multi-family and single-family custom homes, gives us an extensive and diverse understanding of design materials, the environment, and how people interact with these elements.


Through exploration of existing conditions, citizen concerns and alternative design options, we attempt to identify solutions which satisfy the needs and aspirations of the client, public and their representative organizations.


Heacox Associates has a proven record of effective coordination with public agencies and multi-disciplinary team efforts on complex public and community development projects.  Our design experience and technical competence will ensure that potential problems will be identified and avoided, thereby saving costly revisions, preventing hazardous conditions for the user, and simplifying maintenance procedures.